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IWENT Sp. z o. o. based in Rybnik offers a wide range of services in the field of machining, welding, production and repair of power hydraulics. Our company do mechanized supports, welded construction, hydraulic cylinders, belt feeders, hydraulic drilling rigs and specialized machines.

Production, renovation and cooperation in the field of:

  • power hydraulics (standard and special-order cylinders),
  • mining equipment and structures (belt feeders and conveyors, mechanized supports, hydraulic drilling rigs, shaft guides and mining trucks),
  • steel structures for the power industry and construction,
  • elements of injection molds, gears, etc.

Technological processes:

  • Production of hydraulic cylinders.
  • Machining.
  • Welding and assembly of steel construction.
  • Cylinder (pipe) honing.
  • Boring with burnishing of cylinders (pipes).
  • CNC cutting - sheet metal up to 100mm thick

Our company possesses a fully equipped stock of machine tools. The internal transport and production facilities equipped with overhead cranes increase our work efficiency.

High quality of services we provide is the effect of experience and commitment of the employees. The main advantages of cooperation with our company are timely execution of orders, professional service, low price and the highest quality of service

Why is it worth to cooperate?

  • Low prices of services thanks to low production costs.
  • Experience and commitment of the employees. - Short time of orders implementation.
  • References in the fields of assembly, machining and welding.
  • High quality of services and materials used, certified with approvals and quality certificates.
  • We provide transport.
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.

Our goal is customer confidence.

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