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Electro-hydraulic drilling rigs

We offer lightweight electro-hydraulic drilling rigs, which include:

  • a guide with a trolley in range of 1000-2000mm with a built-in drilling head (optional head drive with gear transmission),
  • electrically powered hydraulic unit,
  • control panel.

The IWENT-25 or IWENT-30 drilling rigs are designed for underground degassing drilling, geological research,
drainage and other drilling activities. These are devices with a hydraulic drive designed for rotary-impact drilling of
holes, where the power supply is a hydraulic aggregate with an electric drive in the form of an asynchronous motor.
The drilling rig can make holes with:

  • biting bits,
  • cutting bits,
  • diamond bits.

The device is also used on an open surface, then the execution is not in an Ex housing, and the components used do
not contain ATEX certificates.

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